Whoop There It Isn’t

So I’m pretty sure I mentioned that I’m horrible at remembering to do things. Which makes me feel at least 42% less guilty for not updating. At all. In a lot of months, wow.

It’s time for a brief update:

I’m moving back to Atlanta. I’ve found an apartment, and we’re working through the details. It’s a cozy little place that will require me finding a roommate or suddenly finding a very well-paying job. Any suggestions on that front?


I’ve taken up vaping for the excellent flavors and the lovely clouds it produces. According to general reports, I can now be located by the lingering vapor and the smell of unicorn milk and churros in the air. I am one magical little dragon.

I’ll likely post a few reviews either here or over at Literatease, which has slowed down a bit since we started. Mostly because most of the things I read are trashy and probably not family friendly. At all.

I’ve made some amazing new friends whom I will not list because they are numerous and I always forget somebody, okay?

But I’ll send them all a link anyway, so if you’re reading this and I’ve recently twittered incessantly about maintaining an old-fashioned blog while failing to update 30+ Teen Wolf fanfics, I’m talking about you. On that note, tell me I should be writing. Go. I’m on Skype. You can come right back. The tab will still be here.

Are you back?

I missed you, friend.

Anyway, I took up a few products recently. Made a few resin pendants. Ruined some cheap furniture. Bought a chair that will never fit through my bedroom door and now take routine naps in the sunny spot in the library. (Or the den with a whole lot of bookshelves. Let a girl dream.)

I’ve finished what likely qualifies for a novella and I’m expanding it into a proper book with help from friends and a whole lot of googling. I look forward to the future when it doesn’t give me raging anxiety.

And I’m back.



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