Cloud Chasing

I’ve been a fan of Lewis Carrol since I was barely toddling. My father probably wasn’t pleased, but I colored in the pages of his copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass with too much enthusiasm for him to deliver a memorable punishment. I still have that copy, with its bluepinkgreen Hatter smear and a dangerously blonde Alice.

When my parents set me down in front of “Alice in Wonderland”, I stared at the Caterpillar like a child unhinged. Hoooooo for hours on end. Whoooooo are you? I wanted to breathe smoke like a fire-breathing dragon. I wanted to summon smoky alligators with my words alone.

Sadly not so easy in practice.

In college, I scheduled a girls’ night out with a group of friends. There was Greek food, lots of alcohol, several tubs of ice cream, and a hookah setup on the balcony. I learned how to hit the pipe and how to shotgun before everyone was too plastered to do much of anything.

But after years of trying to get my mother to quit and losing my father to cancer, I’m not exactly a fan of smoking.

And then I found out about ecigarettes.

What’s that, you say?

It’s possible to blow clouds of delicious water vapor with few consequences and no nicotine involved? 

For those not involved in the vaping community and doing their research, vaping can be a tremendously useful tool to quit smoking. That was, after all, the original purpose. You get the benefits of your nicotine fix without any of the rat poison, tar, etc. There’s no second hand smoke to pawn off on other people, no fitness issues, and no horrendous teeth or bad smell. I tend to smell like Froot Loops or some kind of musky vanilla, these days. It’s special.

As for me, I’m in it for clouds and flavor.

am the caterpillar.

It also happens to help with anxiety and a mild oral fixation, so everything’s good on that front. It makes me social. I enjoy talking to people in and out of the community who inquire about what I’m vaping/what I’m doing. And I have a hobby that holds my interest, now that I’ve looked into rebuildables.

Heads up, now–I’m not an expert. Please, dear sweet goodness, do not assume that anything I do is ideal or exemplary. Doing as I say is not guaranteed to be any better than doing as I do.

But if you’re interested in how I ended up tripping ejuice and collecting shiny things like I need them to breathe, here’s how I started out.

I went to a small local vape shop and got a starter kit. It came with a nummy blueberry flavor that I still haven’t finished, but I never was able to leave well enough alone. Soon after, I went on an outing with a friend who’s been vaping for a lot longer and visited a larger vape store that’s become one of my staples.

I picked up a few things recently. #ehookah #ecig #spacejam #cuttwood #vaporgeekslounge

A post shared by Hillary (@mockingboots) on

I picked up my first juices (and frequent fallbacks) Andromeda by Space Jam and Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood. I usually have one or the other in my kit when I go out. After that, it all gets blurry. At some point I ordered some things online.

Then I found another local place significantly closer to my house.

I bought a Vision Spinner, an MVP2, and a few more tanks.

I joined Zamplebox.

And now there’s a specific tinkling noise I delight in every time I move my train case.

I think I may have a problem.


Recently, I purchased a mech mod.

Reviews are so, so imminent.


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