Whoop There It Isn’t

So I’m pretty sure I mentioned that I’m horrible at remembering to do things. Which makes me feel at least 42% less guilty for not updating. At all. In a lot of months, wow. It’s time for a brief update: I’m moving back to Atlanta. I’ve found an apartment, and we’re working through the details. … Continue reading

May the Road Rise Up to Meet You (Sort Of)

May the road rise up to meet you. (But hopefully not too hard.) ((And hopefully not in the face.)) Twisting proverbs, that’s my only purpose in life.

Windmills of Your Mind

Eva Mendes, restoring my faith in star-power. This is easily the most beautiful cover I have heard in a long, long time.  

First Week

Lately, I finally found out about the proper way to go about finger-knitting from FlaxandTwine, a wonderful creative blog. My mother learned with me, but I’ve gone a little bit bonkers since. I’ve cut up a few outgrown t-shirts that were originally headed for the thrift store and came up with this lovely bundle of … Continue reading

The Sexual Side Effects – All She’ll Ever Hurt

Facebook recommended this band because I’m a fan of Placebo. So far, I really like what I’ve heard. Give them a listen and see what you think. 🙂

New Playlist Added

How to Put On Your Face. Check under the Music tab. ♥

Leave it to me to get sick as a dog just in time for Christmas. The root canal went fine–not nearly as terrifying as some people would have led me to believe, thank eff, but now the antibiotics have once again totaled my immune system, and gargling can only go so far. Anyway, we’ve all … Continue reading

Hold Your Applause

  I’m going to see our drama department’s apparently fantastic production of Midsummer Night’s Dream with people I love. When I get back, I’ll tell you all about how the last few hours made today a breath of fresh air–much better than I thought it would be.

I made a very important d…

I made a very important decision this past week: I will continue to do what I love and spend time with the people I love even when I am very busy and very stressed. Life is too short to just do, and do, and do, and go, and go, and go! Figure out who matters to you and what matters to you. Yes, continue to work–and work hard! But make sure that you are working around the right things.

Julia Fukuda, voicing yet another beautiful idea.

Love is being stupid toge…

Love is being stupid together.

– Paul Valery

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