Maria : A Love Story With Tattoos

I have a request. I’ve been fascinated by tattoos for a long while. I’ve been drawing on my skin for years with gel pens, Crayolas, Sharpies—anything that could leave a decent mark. I’ve spent cumulative hours digging into my skin with cheap Bics and ballpoints, trying to eke out some sort of shape. My father … Continue reading

First Week

Lately, I finally found out about the proper way to go about finger-knitting from FlaxandTwine, a wonderful creative blog. My mother learned with me, but I’ve gone a little bit bonkers since. I’ve cut up a few outgrown t-shirts that were originally headed for the thrift store and came up with this lovely bundle of … Continue reading

Well, This is Late

  So this is that post I was vomiting pretentiousness about last month.   There should be pictures…eventually.   –   On Friday, I went to class and came back to…well, I was nerding over something or other. It might have been Harvest Moon: A New Beginning. I can’t recall if I’ve had it for … Continue reading

The Bra Can See Into Your Soul

Can someone please remind me why it’s social sin for people to glimpse my bra strap or a bit of lace? I’m not saying that I don’t understand the whole ‘don’t be trashy’ thing—because I do. I know loads of trashy ladies. Sometimes we hold summits about trashiness and drink trashy drinks and moon over—what … Continue reading

When I Grow Up, I Want to be Happy

Do I know where I’m going? That’s the question. Everyone’s been asking it. The answer is something like, “Well, not at all.” And it’s not uncommon. We’re supposed to know these things by senior year, but we don’t. We’re still so stuck on ‘What’s My Major’ that half of us still haven’t even figured out … Continue reading

Crying Games

Lining Up

“…you know that a good, long session of weeping can often make you feel better, even if your circumstances have not changed one bit.” – Lemony Snicket, The Bad Beginning I don’t even know how the conversation started, but suddenly we were talking about crying. It might have been about our fathers–we’ve both lost them, … Continue reading

Walking Somewhere

Oh, I know I’ve been bragging about gaining muscle mass like a Roman god in Italy, but I’m not sure if it’s entirely true. Mostly, I’ve just learned to stop whining when my legs begin eating themselves. But I’ve signed on to go on the FAT Village Art Walk with a few friends tonight. The … Continue reading

I’m Taking the Fire Escape Up to the Roof

As much fun as I had reading Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day as a kid, it’s not always enough to just point to Judith Viorst and say, “That! My life is that, but with more x and y and screaming and less dorky shoes and lima beans and talk of … Continue reading

To All the History

Upon realizing that my paranoia about sounding a little bit like a self-help book instead of a human being was not entirely unfounded, I thought I might try to share a little bit more about personal things. It’s not really opening up if I don’t share the me that I am right now. Anyway, you … Continue reading

ReBoot : A Mission Statement

On being my own ticket of rock bottom and Rule Number One. The beginning of my own hostile life makeover.

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