Personal Undergrowth

They ask, “Do you see the forest, or the trees?” and I look up. I blink, maybe, once or twice. I try to process what it is, exactly, that I’ve been asked. I must look stupid to them, because they attempt to explain. “It’s like a metaphor—” And at that point, I just can’t let … Continue reading

But What to Fry?

Good news! I’m finally starting to feel better! Of course, I’m going to credit part of that to the arrival of a last-minute post-Christmas surprise. My mother told me that something I’d been craving for a while would be late for the gift-giving season and asked if I wanted to know what it was. I … Continue reading


This past Saturday was certainly eventful. It’s a little intimidating to hear just how many festivals are going on in Atlanta at a time–and so close together! Anyway, I started the Saturday fairly early (at least for me) when my wonderfultastic roommate, Miss Tesla, crept in my room to pry me from my mattress. We … Continue reading

Things That Are Sweet

I’ve been having a nice, relaxing time so far. I’m getting ready to head to a writing retreat in Sedona with my mother, so there’s still quite a bit of packing to do, but I thought I’d share some of the little details in the meantime. 🙂 Before I left for Fort Lauderdale, I realized … Continue reading

5% Car Trouble by Volume – (And Not as Much Walking as I Thought.)

Let me start out by saying that I love and adore ‘Happy Accidents’. Buuuuut… Why does no one ever bother to put a disclaimer on certain days? Give me a heads up when I need to put on my Responsible Adult panties and figure out how to speak car problemese? The plan started out functional. … Continue reading

Walking Somewhere

Oh, I know I’ve been bragging about gaining muscle mass like a Roman god in Italy, but I’m not sure if it’s entirely true. Mostly, I’ve just learned to stop whining when my legs begin eating themselves. But I’ve signed on to go on the FAT Village Art Walk with a few friends tonight. The … Continue reading

Limoncello – Italy – Day 1

[Photolabels coming soon. x.x] So it seems I’ve finally made it to Italy. It’s been a busy first day. My mother ordered a shuttle to take the five of us living in the same complex to Hartsfield-Jackson’s shiny new international terminal. My mother checked into the airport hotel first and dropped of her bags so … Continue reading

Today, I Am a Lemon

Getting a little bolder here, I suppose. Today is our Big/Little party for APO, and the pledges have selected a ‘Spring’ theme. Which means pastel colors and an easter egg hunt. Unfortunately, I don’t really own anything pastel. (As far as I can understand, it means ‘that awkward, muted color palette unique to nurseries and … Continue reading

Don’t Be the Drum Machine. Play it in Versus.

“Did you hear what they said? That rock n roll is dead? Yeah, it’s like a zombie–it’ll dig itself back up again.”        – “Internet Killed the Video Star”  The Limousines   I don’t listen to the song much any more. I keep finding more and more beautiful noises to line my nest with–because that’s … Continue reading

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