The Rules

  1. There is a future. It might scare you now, but it’s not something that’s just going to hit you one morning. The decisions you make now are a big part of where you’ll end up later.
  2. Call yourself out. If it sounds looney to you, that’s probably because it is.
  3. No one is happy all the time. Nobody.
  4. Don’t let the elevator kill you. If something hurts that badly, and you can’t call yourself out, find someone who can.
  5. Be the zombie. Dig yourself out, brush yourself off, and do your best to keep all of your bits attached.
  6. Emotional Galactica. Sometimes, you’ll have to tackle these hang-ups one by one before you can get to the mothership.
  7. Do little things for you. When you feel like you’re coming up empty, it’s important to fill yourself back up.
  8. If it makes you unhappy, either leave it alone or fix it. Don’t waste time gossiping or complaining.

Have any rules you think should be on the list? Submit them.


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