• "Tomorrow,"

    She said,

    "We're going back to Mars."

    She left the leather suitcase at the foot of the bed, propped open.

    The children slept inside.

    With just as many stars--

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Cloud Chasing

I’ve been a fan of Lewis Carrol since I was barely toddling. My father probably wasn’t pleased, but I colored in the pages of his copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass with too much enthusiasm for him to deliver a memorable punishment. I still have that copy, with its bluepinkgreen Hatter smear … Continue reading

Whoop There It Isn’t

So I’m pretty sure I mentioned that I’m horrible at remembering to do things. Which makes me feel at least 42% less guilty for not updating. At all. In a lot of months, wow. It’s time for a brief update: I’m moving back to Atlanta. I’ve found an apartment, and we’re working through the details. … Continue reading

A List of Goals

Learn to longboard. Get in shape. Or at least become reasonably coordinated enough not to kill myself. Read more books. Actually review them on time over at Literatease. Figure out what I want to get tattooed on my body, no take backs. Stop being a wuss and actually get it done. Draw more. Doodle. Sketch. … Continue reading

So I’m In Sedona

All right, so there’s a possibility that I’m criminally awful at keeping up with an actual written blog. I mean, I’ve a thing for waiting for some major event or bit of news to update, so everything feels impactful and all that BS. But it’s really sad to realize that I haven’t updated in months, … Continue reading

Come With Me by Kongos

So I watched the trailer for Holy Motors–which I am now desperate to see–and heard this absolute gem. Possibly the best use of an accordion ever, thank you. The song is catchy as hell, the combined sound is amazing, and the vocals are that perfect scratchy-rawness that makes me want to paint my nails red … Continue reading

Personal Undergrowth

They ask, “Do you see the forest, or the trees?” and I look up. I blink, maybe, once or twice. I try to process what it is, exactly, that I’ve been asked. I must look stupid to them, because they attempt to explain. “It’s like a metaphor—” And at that point, I just can’t let … Continue reading

Maria : A Love Story With Tattoos

I have a request. I’ve been fascinated by tattoos for a long while. I’ve been drawing on my skin for years with gel pens, Crayolas, Sharpies—anything that could leave a decent mark. I’ve spent cumulative hours digging into my skin with cheap Bics and ballpoints, trying to eke out some sort of shape. My father … Continue reading

Secret – The Pierces

I’m a little bit in love with this video.

Another Music Post – Gearing up for Finals

I saw a prompt asking what song has been stuck in my head recently, and what it says to me. The first thing that comes to mind is a song my roommate showed me. She remembered that I’m a fan of Emilie Autumn, and it struck her as something I’d find interesting. Check out “Two … Continue reading

Being Human

Maybe this is a little too abstract, but I think… We’re pioneers. We’re small, sometimes unimaginative. Our worlds are minimally connected. We don’t really realize how much we could conceivably understand about each other. We’ve stumbled. We’ve wasted time wondering why some women don’t wear lipstick, or why some men aren’t afraid to cry. We … Continue reading

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